Welcome to The Gumball Family


Far from anywhere humans can set foot on in the global village, there lives a group of bears named The Gumball Family who feeds on their own resources and endeavors to protect what surrounds them. Their birth comes with the legend of gumball machine that consists of a giant transparent glass ball on the upper half and a spiral slide on the lower half. Though the temperature and humidity are perfectly fit to produce colourful gumballs, some magical effects kick in. What originally appears to be rounded-shaped gumballs suddenly ruptures and comes to resemble what we call bears in the animal kingdom. Gumballs have slowly become noses and behind them stretch out a contour that indicate signs of vertebral organisms with a body, arms, legs etc.


What’s more, different flavours are consigned to different gumballs according to what ingredients give birth to them. Hence, Orange Gumball comes with orange flavour along with an orange nose and tail, Strawberry Gumball with strawberry along with a magenta nose and tail, Chocolate Gumball with chocolate and the like. Soda Gumball is the youngest one in the family. His small size is due to the lack of ingredients which are essential to producing gumball bears. His nose and tails are blue in colour and loves drinking soda.